Creating tabletop role playing games

Hello, my name is Johnathon and this is the home of my RPG creations. My design tends to be inspired by other games, personal experience, and media at large. I not sure I've found my "style" but I'm sure if do this long enough someone will tell me what it is. I will post games here at various levels of doneness  for you to play, critique or otherwise engage with. Some will be free and some not. 

When I'm not working on my games you can find me on the RPG design podcast Flail Forward. We are a group of amateur designers who discuss all kinds of design topics. We try our best to stay on topic and not to talk over each other but tend to fail at both. However once in a while we'll surprise even ourselves with our insight.  I am also on Twitter @mongrelgames and sometimes post to r/rpgdesign.

I welcome questions and comments, feel free to get in touch with me through the form below or tweet at me.

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