Cut to the Chase

This is a game of chase for two people who share the narration. One player will play as Hunter, the other will be the Prey. The Hunter is much faster than the Prey, but the Prey has a head start and and can use their wits and cunning to evade capture. The setting and genre are determined by the players, and the possibilities are limited only by the players’ imaginations. 

You can find Cut to the Chase in You & I: Roleplaying Games for Two. There are fourteen other two player games great for date nights or to play while your waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. 

Cut to the Chase is also featured on Party of 1 Podcast, check out episodes 161 and 170 

Skinned Knees and Wild Stories

This is a hack of the game Lasers and Feelings by John Harper. In it I try to recreate the sense of adventure and craziness of young children in a small town neighborhood. It is inspired by my own memories as a child. It is not a reflection of how things were but rather a reflection of my memories and feelings when I look back to that time in my life. Currently it is a Beta version, never played. Stay tuned for PDF download.

I Remember When

I sat down to do some hardcore design work on a project and nothing came to mind. Instead of giving up I forced myself to write something and this game happened. It is a two player game that plays out the lull after a fight in a relationship. I don't know how I feel about it. I used to think it was good but it always strikes me that no one would want to play this game. It's too raw or maybe just garbage. I'm not sure but it's a thing I did to completion so here it is.