The Further Mutation

So it's been just over a year and I finally released my game Escape. Or not really. As I was working on the final touches I saw @oh_theogony suggest putting together an anthology of two player RPGs. One year later and you can now find Cut to the Chase In You & I: Roleplaying Games for Two. That's right Escape is now Cut to the Chase.

The group that gathered to put together this book was quite diverse with a range of game design experience. It was a requirement that the games be close to done as publishing in a timely manor was important to everyone involved but playtesting was offered and of course I jumped on that.

I put my game back out there to be critiqued again and again there was valuable feedback given but it didn't stop there. Editing was offered to the group by @SecretOrbit (Amber and Rick) a great game design and editing duo. My game was edited before and it was done well but Amber and Rick were able to come at it with experience editing RPGs specifically and basically reordered everything in a much more playable way.

The game as it is now makes me happy. I know it isn't perfect but it is done. It is something I will look at as my first real project and say to myself, "not bad." I am moving forward, I have new games in the works and and even more on the back burner and maybe even more plans to expand on Cut to the Chase.